In 2014, we helped 132 people into permanent housing. Since Off The Streets – Lancaster, PA was founded in May 2013, we have helped 180 people get Off The Streets. Amazing! … Continue reading

A lesson in generosity and giving…

The littlest preschoolers understand that it is sad and scary to not have a home of your own.
Watch OTS volunteer Enrica G. read the story of Claude The Dog.
These preschoolers then donated personal care and cleaning items to help assist folks just moving OFF THE STREETS and into permanent housing.

Excerpt from Fr. Dave Danneker, St John Neumann Bulletin (July 6, 2014)…

In Palestine, ox yokes were custom-made of wood, cut and measured to fit a particular animal – the Greek word that we translate as “easy” in today’s Gospel more accurately means “fitting well.” God does not ask of us what we do not have or cannot do, yet to give what we can and do what we are able to do in a spirit of humility and gratitude. Whenever we help someone in need, such as our Social Action Committee, Food Bank, or Off The Streets, we take on the “yoke” and “burden” of Christ: a yoke that is “light” and “easy” in that it demands no more from us than what we are capable of doing and giving; its “burden” is the humility and selflessness to use what we have in the humble, generous spirit of Jesus the servant.

Thank You Note from TLC/Tabor

June 13, 2014 I, on behalf of our team at Tabor and TLC, would like to thank the Off the Streets team for all of its assistance in providing security deposits for those who truly need it when leaving our … Continue reading